Venues for April

Please note: Dates & Venues for our meetings are as below. The time is always: 7:30pm. Directions to the venues may be found by clicking on the links.

Monthly meeting
Date: Monday April 9th
Venue: Era Tower
Speaker: Dr Sarah Clarke speaking about writing for children

The Second Circle Poetry Group
Date: Tuesday April 10th
Venue: ARTDIVANO, Andalus Garden
Agenda: Discussing progress with regard to the poetry/art exhibition

Creative Writers’ Workshop
Date: Monday April 16th
Venue: Juffair Grand Hotel
Agenda: Presentation by Farheen Ahmed: The journey from self-publishing to being selected by Harper Collins. There will also be a talk about Author websites.

2 thoughts on “Venues for April”

  1. Dear BWC members,
    My name is Habroosh
    I have written a poem about Bahrain
    I would like to publish it
    May I know, where I can publish it

    1. Dear Habroosh,
      Do come to one of our meetings – next schedule is for May 2018, and perhaps we can guide you. If you are a Bahrain-based writer please ask to join our Facebook group called The Second Circle and you can post it there to get feedback. Please note we do not allow any religious, political or overtly sexual content.
      If you just have a one-off poem and are not interested in pursuing poetry, you could send a query to any of the Bahrain-based magazines, which I am sure you can find on Google.
      All the best with your writing.

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