David Hollywood

photograph-bahrain-poetryDavid is from Ireland and is married to Ruth and rejoices in four children.

Originally a lawyer and then becoming a hippy of the late 60’s and early 70’s he enjoyed thumbing around Europe and going to various rock festivals until finally deciding to give substance to his pastimes. Consequently, David became an international trade consultant and adviser who worked for a number of companies in Western Europe and the USA and then Eastern Europe until finally arriving in Bahrain 8 years ago. During his travels his work involved establishing new commercial enterprises for a number of authorities across the private, banking and government sectors and in the end he ended up as a personal adviser to both the Ministers of ‘Finance’ plus ‘Industry and Commerce’ of a small economy on the shores of The Black Sea’. His experiences allowed him to work with personalities whose responsibilities were on the opposite side of the coin to those who are normally spending it! As a founder of some enterprises in Ireland and America David still retains joint ownership of ‘The Wine Appreciation Society’ in Ireland plus ‘The Irish Snail Company’ and a couple of other joint ventures (Bohemian Amphorae and Mayoruna – depending upon what work needs to be done!).

During his term in Bahrain David’s most satisfying achievement was to join ‘The Bahrain Writer’s Circle’ and then personally formulate The Second Circle’ poetry group in readiness for what annually became ‘The Colours of Life Poetry Festival’, and as a result finds himself forlornly looking back at a most astonishing event that was populated by the most wonderful troupe of poetry performers he has ever known.

Since returning to Ireland in the summer of 2015 David has gone on to form the ‘Lismore Poetry Circle’ and is preparing for the first ‘Colours of Life Poetry Festival’ in Ireland and to which he is hoping to create a link with Bahrain in the future. David has been invited to provide workshop and mentoring programmes for the benefit of aspiring and enthusiastic poets within his local region of Ireland and is also working with a drama group responsible for touring the nation and putting on performances which reflect some of the history of the country.

David is the author of ‘Waiting Spaces’ which is an eclectic collection of some of his poems, and plans are also being progressed for the publication of a second assortment that should be due by the end of 2016. Allied to these is a variety of essays he also expects to see published within the next twelve months as well as three scripts for the stage. David is also a contributor to the bestselling ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’ and ‘More of My Beautiful Bahrain’ plus ‘Poetic Bahrain’. He has also contributed to three separate editions of ‘The Taj Mahal Review’ as their literary critic. David continues to be the in-house poet of ‘Bahrain Confidential’ and consequently enjoys a readership of approximately 100,000 persons a month. He is keen to re-visit you all in Bahrain and wishes everyone great funalot and smile