We have three meetings a month. The general monthly meeting is usually on the second Monday of the month, The Second Circle Poetry Group meeting is on the second Tuesday and the Creative Writers’ Workshops are on the third Monday of the month. Ours is probably the only multinational, multicultural group of writers in Bahrain who come together to share a common interest – writing!

The Monthly Meeting usually features a speaker. In the past we have had members who have shared their publishing experiences, industry professionals, advice with regard to copyright and intellectual property, as well as other experts who have offered their insights into the business and process of writing.

The Second Circle Poetry Group – members share and critique each others’ work. Different aspects of poetry have been studied and appreciated. The group has an annual Colours of Life Festival at which members present and/or perform their poetry in both English and Arabic to audiences in excess of 100.

The Creative Writers’ Workshop – offers workshops in writing wherein we look at the craft of writing, share and critique each others’ work – in a non-threatening manner, and have a monthly writing challenge that is critiqued and reviewed by established writers from around the world. You can read some of our previous years’ stories and writing on our Creative Writers’ blog here.

Please check our Facebook Group/s for any changes in the schedule as well as your email – if you are a member.

We have new Venues in 2018 – please check here.


2 thoughts on “Meetings”

  1. Hello
    I am an academic and writing research requires time and dedication. Thus, I am looking for writing retreat and was wondering if it is something you guys practice.

    1. Hello,
      My apologies I hadn’t noticed this earlier. We do a writers’ day-retreat in November for NaNoWriMo. But, that’s the only one we run.

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