Muna Rabieh

MunaMuna Rabieh is a former finance and strategy professional who is the author of the recently published Arabic children’s book النعامة السحرية , The Magical Ostrich. Although she’s had a passion for writing since the young age of 11, it wasn’t until she joined Bahrain Writers’ Circle that it was truly ignited. Pursuing creative writing is an endeavour that gave Muna the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and find her voice outside the realm of business and finance. Her writing of children’s books allows her to address socially imperative issues in an indirect yet inclusive way, targeting both children and their parents. She hopes to influence her young readership with strong moral messaging that will impact them positively. In addition to her recent book publication, Muna wrote several other articles including one on the Kind Fahad Causeway for Brownbook Magazine and another on Art as a Financial Investment for Artuner. Muna is currently working on her next children’s book.Magic Ostrich