Nationality: British




Robin is the Founder and member emeritus of the Bahrain Writers’Circle. He has been writing and publishing since the year 2000, after stepping away from security operations and training; an industry he was in for almost twenty years.

Robin is a genre best-selling author of six non-fiction true crime books (Doing the Doors, Confessions of a Doorman, Bouncers and Bodyguards, Respect and Reputation, Mammoth Book of Hard Bastards and Britain’s Toughest Women) as well as a large number of Kindle ebooks on a range of topics and subjects. He founded and published Tough Talk, an acclaimed online magazine interviewing martial artists, boxers, combat specialists etc and also founded The Circuit magazine for the British Bodyguard Association. He has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers worldwide, is the author of one biography, three self-help guides as well as two travel and one anthology of poems about Bahrain, where he lived for four years, and where he was commissioned to produce and publish a quality book for one of the biggest Arab merchant families in the Gulf region.

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