Robin Barratt, a writer and author who has written hundreds of articles for magazines and newspapers worldwide, formed the Bahrain Writers’ Circle in 2011.

Robin is a genre best-selling author of five non-fiction true-crime books, a biography, a self-help guide, he has also edited, written and published a number of industry specific manuals and trade directories as well as two coffee-table photographic portfolios.

While in Bahrain, Robin was commissioned to ghost-write and publish a tribute book about Abdulla Ali Kanoo, the late Chairman of one of the biggest merchant families in the Kingdom. In 2012 he compiled and edited a travel anthology titled: My Beautiful Bahrain and is currently planning a follow up. Robin loves travelling, exploring and experiencing, and his all-time favourite quote is: “If you don’t want to lead an ordinary life, don’t do ordinary things!”

When Robin established the BWC, as it is popularly called, he did so with an idea to encourage writers at all stages of their careers – from people merely hoping to be writers to well-established, published authors and with his quiet charisma he drew scores of writers, bloggers, journalists and publishers to the group. He continues to be involved with the group, wherever his travels take him and guides, directs and advises us whenever we need it.

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