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Confluence… success!

I am delighted to report that Confluence, where words & images, artists & writers, family & friends, press & (the) public met, on September 15th and then on to Thursday the 20th was a success.

All 250 brochures brought to the venue were, by the last day, taken. So, we can, I hope, safely assume that, over the course of the exhibition, at least 200 people visited us, were engaged, and pleased to have viewed an exhibition as unique as this one was. Thanks for the success of the exhibition go to Mr Akram Miknas, President of Promoseven Holdings, Mr Angus Campbell and the team at Harbour Gate for making it such a success. Thanks also to Chantilly Café Pâtisserie, Bahrain Art Magazine, Behbehani, and Art Hub Bahrain.

Here are a few glimpses of launch day…